About Us

Hi, I'm Pooja!

Pooja Dutt


 Hi there! If you're reading this, it means that you're ready to embark on your programming journey! But before you get started, let me introduce myself! I'm Pooja Dutt - I've been in the Software Engineering industry for over 5 years and I've worked at companies such as Target and Microsoft. I love traveling the world and learning about new cultures, cuisines, and just different ways to live life! I'm super passionate about giving back to the community through education, especially because I struggled with getting my computer science degree, as well as with my confidence when I first joined the tech industry. I didn't think I could make it as a programmer at the time - and I don't want other striving software engineers to ever feel the same way.

Why Try Our Products?


So how does this help you? Well, with my experience in tech, travel, and education - i've started to put together a site to host resources that will help you reach your CS goals! The great thing about these resources are that they're all alike and different at the same time. I try to simulate different parts of your brain by including video courses, a technical PDF guide, 1:1 coaching sessions, access to a community of other programmers on discord, and much more! Unlike other programs that just focus on ONE medium (ie. just video courses or just written explanations), these resources will work together in harmony to help you actively learn how to code and problem solve! So, what are you waiting for?