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This course is for all the people that struggle to grasp code. We get it. 


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This Course Includes...

Video Explanations

Sometimes a textbook just isn't enough. We break down problems in a way that makes it easy for everyone to understand -  even a five year old ;-) 

Visual Animations

A lot of people process technical concepts in a VISUAL way. We totally get that! That's why we've included animations to complement the video explanations. 

OOP Concepts

Abstraction, encapsulation, inheritance? Don't worry, we got you covered! You'll have a much better grasp on these concepts once you're done with the course. 

Paced Format

Everyone learns at a different speed. That's why we want to encourage YOU to choose how fast or slow you progress throughout each module. 

Coding Examples

There will be plenty of coding examples to look at (100+ in fact). This includes quiz questions, coding guide examples, practice problems, and video problems. 

Practice Problems

You've also got to DO the thing rather than just consume material. We've provided some great coding problems to practice alongside the course and get your feet wet.


We'll also have some friendly quizzes to test your knowledge! This will only help you further when you start interviewing at tech companies.

Written Coding Guide

And for the people that really need a textbook or written explanations, we also have a 120-page PDF guide (free) that's included with the course material!

Ask For Help

Oh by the way, we also have a 1500+ discord community that you can join and ask for help on any of the problems!


Hear What the Experts Have To Say :

Lucy Tech

Ex-Amazon Software Engineer, YouTuber

"Great guide, I can't believe it was free! It gave me a better understanding of Kotlin"

Devansh Kalra

Senior Software Engineer, Accenture

“This guide is exactly what a beginner programmer needs. I love the straight forward examples and it covers the most important concepts which are important to become a skilled Kotlin developer. Highly recommend!”

Michael Crilly

Programming YouTuber, Founder

"I really love the flow of this book and the way the language is presented. Now I know a new language! Pooja has done an amazing job!"

100+ Coding Problems Spanning 15 Categories

Our Video Explanations Go Above and Beyond

It's not always easy to learn how to code. Check out our previous videos to get a feel for our teaching style!


Feedback on our teaching style

Don't take it from us - hear from others that have watched our previous tutorials on DSA

Why Kotlin?


Become an Android Developer 

Integrate with Android Studio to build some really cool apps. Test it out on your phone or the app simulator!

Use the Best IDE Ever (we're not kidding)

You'll never go back to other IDEs once you experience IntelliJ's smart code assistance, intelligent debugger, and refactoring tools.

Kotlin >> Java

(way better, trust us)

Kotlin uses concise syntax, type inference, smart casts, as well as clearer and safer code. Need we say more?

Our Flagship Kotlin Course! 

  • 2.5+ hours of video explanations: We want to give you a comprehensive view into Kotlin without overwhelming you with too much information. 
  • Beginners' Luck: This course is FOR beginners. You're going to start with data types and finish off strong with OOP concepts.  
  • Write LOTS of code: There are 100+ coding examples to choose from. You won't just be listening to lectures, but actively writing code in a practical setting. 
  • Actively Learn: We purposefully engage you in active learning. You will have access to the guide, practice problems, and quizzes alongside the course.
  • Pace Yourself: We pride ourselves on being a fully self-paced course. We totally get that you're busy and we want you to learn on your own time. 
  • Accountability: At the end of the course, you'll receive a certificate of completion. It's important that you stick with the learning in order to actually retain all the information. 


This course is for beginners - no experience is required!

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  • 50+ Coding Examples
  • Thorough Explanations
  • Visuals to Help Learn Faster! 
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